JavaScript Adventures

Well, I’ve started the Head First JavaScript book by Michael Morrison, and I’ve made it to Chapter 03, p. 91. I figured since the Unity game development engine uses JavaScript and C# for scripting, knowing JavaScript in general would be a good thing. And since in many ways, it is similar to Java, the main programming language used for developing scenarios and software for SMALLab (my research group’s main media system at ASU at AME), I can keep my brain plasticity strong and keep learning and developing over the summer.

So far the book is quite interesting and engaging and uses the cognitive techniques that seem to be really effective to help me teach myself the logic of JavaScript. I will provide an update as I make it through this book.


Author: tatyanakgriffin

Bay Area Creative Technologist, Maker (SHTEAM) Educator, Computer Science Explorer, Interactive Media Artist, Music Maker, & Explorer

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