The ‘Path to Success’ includes letting go..

I came across a great article today that a connect shared on Linked In . Essentially, it is a list of things you might need to let go of, to be successful! I was very inspired by this article and wanted to share the list of these suggested 20 habits to reconsider.

You can find the full article here, but here is the list of “20 Habits You Need to Give Up if You Want to Be Successful“.

1. Give up daydreaming about the future.

2. Give up looking for a reason to get started.

3. Give up waiting for your situation to change.

4. Give up doing something just to fit in.

5. Give up living to please others.

6. Give up blaming other people.

7. Give up worrying about factors outside your control.

8. Give up fixating on things about yourself you can’t change.

9. Give up dwelling on past mistakes.

10. Give up looking for shortcuts.

11. Give up getting distracted by the newest fad.

12. Give up neglecting the present.

13. Give up doing things without pause.

14. Give up empty promises.

15. Give up purchasing objects to seek happiness.

16. Give up taking things for granted.

17. Give up putting aside your health.

18. Give up riding the emotional rollercoaster.

19. Give up letting other people set the standards for you.

20. Give up letting someone else determine your worth.



Author: tatyanakgriffin

Bay Area Creative Technologist, Maker (SHTEAM) Educator, Computer Science Explorer, Interactive Media Artist, Music Maker, & Explorer

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