The 6 (no wait, 15) Laws of Technology Everyone Should Know

A contributor to the Wall Street Journal published an article about 6 Laws of Technology written by an MIT Professor during the cold war, that he believes can apply to today’s climate of Tech Giants and Social Media. You can check out the article HERE for more details, but here are the 6 Laws in list form:

  1.  ‘Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral’
  2. ‘Invention is the mother of necessity.’
  3. ‘Technology comes in packages, big and small.
  4. ‘Although technology might be a prime element in many public issues, nontechnical factors take precedence in technology-policy decisions.’
  5. ‘All history is relevant, but the history of technology is the most relevant.’
  6.  ‘Technology is a very human activity.’

In response a writer an wrote an article in response that listed 9 Laws the WSJ had missed. Here is a large excerpt from this article below: (Warning: snarky slopes ahead.)

Law #1: Big brother is watching, along with 273 of his siblings and an unemployed college dropout living in his parent’s basement in Parma, Ohio.

Law #2: The actual battery life of your phone is always less than one half what the manufacturer claims it to be.

Law #3: As technology firms grow larger they either become cable providers or start behaving like them.

Law #4: Each new feature added to a product adds diminishing value and increasing complexity. Corollary 1: After release 5.0 that complexity creates a steady state where fixing one bug creates another bug. Corollary 2: After release 10.0 fixing one bug creates at least two additional bugs. (E.g. Windows, iOS, Mac OS)

Law #5: Engineers inevitably design technology that is easy for engineers to use. Corollary: if you are not an engineer, all technology will eventually make you mutter “WTF?” under your breath.

Law #6: Your IT support person thinks you’re an idiot.

Law #7: “Labor saving” device are designed to foist labor onto the customer. Corollary: “Time saving” devices are designed to eliminate your free time.

Law #8: Technical support lines play irritating music and obnoxious up-sell ads because they’re hoping you’ll hang up and self-service using their website which contains a useless FAQ, an indecipherable user manual, and a hopelessly impenetrable customer-run forum.

Law #9: The intellectual and social value of a blog post is inversely proportional to the ‘clickability’ of its title.


What do you YOU think?