More iMovie Tips & Tricks

After running another Video & Audio Editing workshop for teachers, some great questions came up for some advanced tips & tricks for iMovie. Here is what I have to share with y’all:

#1 – Creating a PiP (Picture in Picture) effect in iMovie:

(From Apple’s Support Forums )

  • This option is located in the same place as the “green screen” filter.
  • Essentially, if there is already a clip on the timeline, and you drag another clip above it, a new option appears in the menu bar above the Preview window (on the top right of the screen).
  • On the menu options, a new button appears that looks like 2 outlines of a square overlapping.
  • When clicking on this button, you can choose from a few options, decide how it appears, how long that takes, and a few other options (see below):

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 12.12.32 PM

#2 – Fading Audio In & Out

So to fade the audio in and out and have less abrasive sound transitions, you essentially, grab the little circle with a black dot in on either side of the audio clip. You will see an area that is greyed out that indicates the fade in and out levels (See below):

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 4.21.32 PM

#3 How to Record your iPad Pro or iPhone Screen in iOS 11

Check out THIS SITE for Instructions on how to do this.  Note: You need to have iOS 11 Installed!


Check out this Q&A

xR in EDU Conference!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the xR in EDU Conference hosted at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA.

It was very inspiring to hear from both Industry Innovators as well as leading educators in the field. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how to best support teachers in integrating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and mixed reality in their classrooms, and appreciated the perspectives that both industry and educational folks shared. It was great to get both sides of the table in one place to begin the conversation!

Check out my Google Photos Album here to check out some key moments as well as some presentation slides.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 12.43.31 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 12.45.00 PM

Video & Audio Editing Workshop for Teachers

Today, I hosted a workshop for teachers at my school:

Audio & Video Editing (Beyond the Pecha Kucha)!

Many teachers in History, Science, World Language, and beyond are assigning this format for students to complete projects — 5 mins, 20 slides with a voice-over narration. We will review various tools that are available either on the Mac OS or are freely available open-source software tools.


Pandora’s 1st annual “Women in Tech” Summit

I had the opportunity to attend Pandora’s “Women in Tech” summit yesterday, and was very inspired by the sessions. Both a parent of a student in my “Computer Science Foundations” class this Fall, as well as a close friend and colleague had invited me to attend, and as a woman who has been studying, and working in technology fields since 1999, I felt that it was important to attend and represent the Women in Tech in Education.

The opening keynote by Girls Who Code’s Kelly Parisi was very inspiring, and was a call to action for young females to join the coding evolution. Other sessions included:

  • Machine Learning and Data Science 101
  • Product Presentation: From Ideation to Realization
  • and a Panel on How to Navigate Tricky Scenarios

The presentations were very inspiring, and the panels helped me to re-consider some trick situations that I am currently navigating, and helped me to realize that there are common scenarios that exist in the workplace, and I am not alone!

Thank you to all the organizers of this fantastic event.

Google Classroom Workshop (Updates, Tips & Tricks!)

Yesterday, I hosted a lunch-time workshop for Faculty at my current school. Many teachers are trying out Google Classroom this year, and I wanted to share some updates, hear from teachers about their experience, and provide some time to work on projects or optimizations in this area. The presentation from this session is below!

Google Expeditions (Virtual Reality) Classroom app – now has a Solo Mode!

Google for Education just announced that you can now run a Google Expedition in Solo Mode! Previously, to run a Google Expedition, a teacher needed to run the app on their phone, and all students (participants) needed to be on the same Wifi network, and then run the app as “followers” of the teacher. So, in essence the Teacher led a virtual field trip in VR, using Google Cardboard viewers & phones. This made it complicated for a teacher to try out an Expedition, for at least 2 phones were needed.

Now anyone can take a Solo Expedition! The app is now available on Android and will soon be out for iOS (iPhones).

Audio & Video Editing Workshop for Teachers!

Today, I hosted an Audio & Video editing workshop for Teachers! We explored some really great software that comes with our MacBooks, such as Image Capture, iMovie, and more! Check out more information and links below!

Audio & Video Editing for Teachers


During this workshop, we explored the following tools that are available to you for video & audio, for you to create/ use and/or for students to complete projects:

Audio/Video Formats:

  • MP3 (smaller size), Wav (CD quality), Aiff (mac higher quality, similar to wav), m4a (iTunes)
  • Mp4 (mpeg-4), .mov (quicktime format), .avi (pc only)


  • Image Capture

    • Very useful app on our school laptops (& any mac) that allows you to quickly copy images/video from your iPhone or iPad > laptop
  • info

    • Useful for preparing or simple edits of images (titles etc.)
  • Quicktime (audio or video) [ check on recording YouTube videos ]

    • New Movie Recording…
      • To record with a camera
    • New Audio Recording…
      • To record sound only
    • New Screen Recording…
      • To record all or part of the screen
    • In all cases be sure to check on Audio settings:
Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 10.20.12 AM.png

Web Tools:

Sources for Video/ Audio/ Photos

(that are not recorded by the user):